Sunday, 5 August 2012


The Summer Olympics plays a really big part in my life. It was a dream that did not realise. I am an ex basketball player, back in 1999 and 2000, i always thought that I would grow up becoming a basketball player because I had spending years refining my skills but in the end my parents did not allow me to play because to them "you can't be successful becoming a basktball player"..I cried but that is all I can do.

Leaving primary school I eventually grown up just "focusing" on studies but I was given a chance to study outstation, I took it and spend the most incredible time of my life! I played a lot of sports, I am HAPPY.

Eventually by spending most of the time in sports and unrestricted freedom, i failed. Of course as an asian having 6 A's out of 10 A's is an EPIC FAILURE.. I gave up the dream of becoming a doctor eventually and leave the choice to my parents.

In college, I was struggling to finish it and continuing to Uni, which is of course struggling to pass my subjects and YES i finally graduated.

Wait back to the olympics, I was doing nothing, waiting  for a job and I thought of getting a free trial to muaythai. I am hooked. Malaysia had not had a boxing contender for their olympic team. And i thought I might be the ONE..but i find that i do not have the courage.

I AM LOST..which to fitness?? fight?? so confused..but i am sure that everything will be alright as time will reveal all the path for me...SOON...

dear future me, i am not going to be the same..i need to revert back to the cheerful, full of smile kindda me!! stop being a snob!

p/s you are beautiful stop feeling so pathetic!!!